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In general, I have found Lou’s advice and availability to be great and I appreciate that over the years!

Nicholas Harmon
Client | Waitsfield, VT

Lou, I have enjoyed our conversations. You have presented my family with good advice. You have respected when I disagreed with parts of it and did not try to sell me things I did not need. The life insurance we have has provided peace of mind as our family grew and some assets as we have grown older.

Elliott Gordon
Client | Irvington, NY

Lou has been a trusted financial partner for me and my family for nearly 20 years. In those 2 decades I have received honest, professional and insightful guidance from Lou that has enabled me to have a successful plan to manage my finances, provide security for the unknown, and create a long-term plan that my wife and I feel extremely good about. He is very responsive and reliable, and he has a great way of breaking down complex planning in very simple way (with a New Yorker humor mixed in). I feel fortunate to have been recommended to Lou those many years ago, and I’m looking forward to our continued partnership in the years to come.

Kevin Cooper
Client | Paradise Vly AZ

Lou is the best! He knows what the trends are in my business as well as his; therefore, his advice is always ‘on the money!

Jean Dietz
Client | Ramsey, NJ

I am sure I haven’t said it enough as I will never be able to do so but here goes….THANK YOU to all for taking such great care of me and my family!! The level of patience and kindness that you have all given so freely as I have adjusted to retirement and have asked for the same information over and over has been so appreciated by me. You all treat me as if I am your only concern when I call, and you come through for me every time without any hesitation. Going from working to retirement, moving across country as well as a myriad of personal issues has been challenging to say the least but my financial life has been the calm in the storm because each of you has made it that way, thank you!

Michelle Bosch
Client | Ojai, CA

Lou’s consistency and reliability make sure my planning is thorough and meet the needs of my family. His mantra is success over the long haul and therefore focuses on our needs not for one year. But over our lifetime.”

Michael Levantin
Client | New York, NY

Over the past 23 years as both my professional and personal life continue to evolve, Lou’s guidance and knowledge have been crucial in steering me through various sophisticated financial and insurance matters. Additionally, his follow up and professionalism are consistently on the mark.

Bruce Wisnicki
Client | McLean, VA

Lou has been a trusted part of our family for over 20years. He is proactive with his communication, sharing market insights, staying on top of life changing events and is always available to simply listen too. He is focused on supporting your goals while also presenting opportunities and/or potential challenges you may not be considering. The culture he has created is world class, and I am looking forward to the day when I recommend him to my children for their financial investment needs.

Mike Bystrom
Client | Clayton, MO

25 years and it has been a wonderful experience. What I appreciate about Lou is how accurate, diligent and responsive he is handling my family’s planning. I have even more complex planning now, but Lou has never let me down. Lou's attention to detail gives me great peace of mind that things are handled properly now and for future generations when the time comes that I am no longer around! 😊

Mike Cahill
Client | New York, NY

We have been with Lou for over 11 years now. From the very beginning of our relationship, Lou has always taken care of us - answering all our questions and helping us understand what's going on in the market, creating and implementing strategies to help us achieve all of our financial goals, and most importantly, making sure we are comfortable with how those strategies evolve during the ups and downs of this changing economy. Especially as we were 2 starting out our family, giving us options to consider as we grow our family and portfolio. He's attentive, caring and always asking for feedback on what he could be doing better. We feel like we are in great hands with Lou and very thankful for his continued attention and dedication to our family.

Jana Beiswenger and Frank Delisle
Client | Lafayette, CA

Where do I begin… I guess you could say that we have all grown up together. Whether it was buying a house, starting a family or many of the life’s big moments, you were there to guide us. When we are young, we think we are invincible and therefore never think too much about the future. But I have seen firsthand how important your advice and persistence became when Gerry became ill. In those weeks after he passed, you were there for me taking care of all the details. In case I didn’t say it then…thank you for making an extremely difficult time a little easier. While it is no secret that finance and investments are not my thing, I have always felt that you have (and to continue to have) my best interest at heart. When I have questions, you take the time to answer them thoroughly. If I call or send an email, I always get a response within hours. I never have to follow up.

Susan Bergeron
Client | New Canaan, CT

We chose Lou to advise us over 20 years ago with planning a financial future for our family, cautious at the onset, but Lou earned our trust through listening to our questions, and through his tireless commitment to help us shape our wealth management plan. Lou’s has always focused on my family’s short and long-term goals with the integrity that I would expect from a wealth management advisor but done so in a way that has always made us feel like part of a family. It’s been a great ride and I wouldn’t change a single thing about my experiences with Lou!

Bill Lazzarino
Client | Charlestown, MA

Lou supports me in every way. He listens to me and take the time to understand my specific needs. My investment plan is tailored to those needs and designed to maximize the funds that will be available to me upon retirement. My future is just as important to Lou as it is to me. The investment strategy is always discussed with me prior to any actions and is updated and changed to reflect where I am as time moves along and things change both in my life and in the world. I am a very happy client.

Mike Perciaccante
Client | Rockville Ctr, NY

I’ve known Lou for over 30 years, and we have been doing business together for almost as long. I’ve been very comfortable doing business with Lou over the years. I trust him, everything has been handled promptly and professionally and I’ve recently expanded our business relationship. No complaints (except for homework assignments like this :)

Peter Gautieri
Client | East Hampton, NY

Lou, you care and that is the real difference. I laugh every time I speak with you, going in with a plan and coming out not executing. You make sure that I do not skimp today and therefore should not feel the pain later. Planning for the future or preparing with insurance is costly however it is more costly not to do it, you have kept my family on the right track regardless of my “belly" aching. I trust you and your experience is leading me in the right direction.

William Gilchriest
Client | Northport, NY

As our lives and career have evolved, so too has our financial planning. What was once simple has become more complex and involved. Lou and team have been there every step of the way. The advice is consistently fundamentally sound. The delivery, pitch perfect - always sincere, never condescending and rooted in the best interests of our family. Conversations with Lou are impactful, results orientated, and fun. Above all, they offer reassurance and peace of mind. Thank you Lou, for your guidance, support and friendship over the years. Long may your success continue!

Jason Altman
Client | Hillsborough, NJ

In the last 23 years of doing business with Lou, we have found him to be an invaluable resource. He single handedly straightened out our business from the onset. He set up the appropriate insurance needs for our families and the buy/sell policies with the partners of our company. He has introduced us to the very best people in the industry to help in legal matters and is much more than a financial advisor he is part of the DNA of our company.

Robert Senia
Client | Brooklyn, NY

I believe Lou is exceptional in providing the kind of client service that's very rare today. He is extremely attentive, courteous and helpful with any needs that arise. Lou himself is always accessible and willing to take the time to provide his sound guidance and after many years of working with him, I truly believe he has mine and my family's best interests at heart rather than his own bottom line. I am amazed at how well he has trained his staff that it is client first always. Lou has often provided guidance on matters and even though I do not often follow through on my end, it is more often passive guidance in response to inquiries.

Richard Camerik
Client | Ridgefield, CT

Lou has given me peace of mind for the last 20 years. His financial knowledge and ability to communicate simply make me feel like a true partner in the finance planning process. He always has time to speak to you and allay any concerns immediately. My retirement is a solid one due to his guiding me all these years.

Mildred Carrasquillo
Client | Lauderdale by the Sea, FL

Having someone on your side that you trust with some of the most important components of your life is critical. Over the years, Lou has earned that trust from both myself and my wife. He has done this by being consistent with his philosophy and never wavering from the values of Northwestern and the personal values that both he and I believe in. As life is bound to throw challenges at my family and I in the future, it is comforting to know that Lou will be there for us when we need him.

Gregory Cavoli
Client | Harrisburg, PA

Working with Lou has provided my family and I the confidence that our goals will be achieved. Always available and never over aggressive, Lou takes the time to get to know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish in life. Lou has worked well with our attorney and accountant to make sure that all our needs are covered. From an investment side, I'm comfortable that the choices we've made over the years, through Lou's guidance, have been what's best for my family. Wealth management takes extreme thoroughness and planning and I trust Lou to help me realize my financial goals.

Sean Devlin
Client | Winfield, WV

Lou's expertise and professionalism have been very valuable in our planning to secure our goals. His most important quality is his persistence. He gets you to do the things you know you should do, but never seem to get to.

Richard Dillon
Client | East Hanover, NJ

We have been with Lou for almost 15 years and the one thing that always has impressed us with Lou is his involvement in our life goals. Cathie and I truly appreciate Lou's advice and it truly gives us a feeling that we trust Lou as he looks out for our best interest. We have come across many financial advisors in the last 15 years but what has kept us with Lou goes beyond just a return but a level of trust that he is looking out what is best for our family. I have recommended Lou to many people and will continue to do that in the years to come.

Andrew Feldman
Client | Bettendorf, IA

Lou has been with me for 22 plus years and I always feel like we are in this together. Lou has helped my wife and I establish goals that match our personalities and tolerance for balancing risk/reward. He is extremely patient, taking the time to explain (again and again…and again) the long-term strategy we have set, the options that exist along the way and the reasons for the decisions we have are making. Lou is responsive, respected and trusted. What more can you ask for?

Edward Georger
Client | Cortlandt Manor, NY

For nearly 15 years, Lou has been consistent, insightful, and incredibly proficient in helping my husband and I achieve our personal financial goals. We have always been impressed by the proactive steps the he takes to ensure we are making the right moves in our personal and business finances. Lou foresees potential market issues, good and bad, and conveys them to us so that we are ready and informed when needed. I have always felt lucky we were referred Lou's name all those years ago! He has an ability to act as a knowledgeable advisor, yet has all the attributes of a good friend. We know that Lou has our best interests in mind, over company or personal gain. For this reason, we have trusted our investments to him for the last 15 years, and will continue to do so for the unforeseeable future!

Christopher Hay
Client | Newcastle, WA

I have no hesitation recommending Lou to anyone looking for a financial advisor; never have I gone to bed worrying about my money. For over 22 years, Lou's expertise and advice have allowed me to meet (and exceed!) my long term financial objectives and goals. Lou takes the time to walk you through the big picture and stresses not to overreact during down years. When you work with Lou you will not only see a man absolutely dedicated to his profession, but also a guy who cares about you. When I meet with Lou it is for hours and it is always a pleasure.

Michael Mc Fadden
Client | Emerson, NJ

Over 25 years ago, a client of mine introduced me to Lou. What started off as a conversation on whole/term life insurance soon became much more. 25 years later, Lou now handles all my long-term planning and I've never looked back. Lou has been with me all along the way. From the very beginning I always knew it was important to save but didn't always know the right path to financial stability. This is where Lou helped guide me through the process. Today I'm in a position of financial security and nothing feels better. Without Lou's guidance and consistent follow up (sometimes over the year's talking me off the cliff), who knows where I would be financially today at the ripe old age of 53! I would recommend Lou to anyone and I have to many over the years. The feedback is always consistent... Lou is a good man who delivers and makes us feel good about what we are doing or about to do. I have been approached by dozens and dozens of financial planners that wanted my business. Never once did I consider moving my business away. When you know you have a good thing going and you can put your worries aside on something as important as your financial planning, it feels good. If anyone out there is looking for that, I would tell you to pick up your phone and call Lou.

Paul Montoya
Client | Middletown, NJ

I have used Lou now for 15 years! Before Lou I was bouncing around from planner to planner but Lou has exceeded my expectations. He even helps me with planning on items they have nothing to really do with or get paid on and that has been so appreciated over the years. My family and I feel very fortunate and have a good solid plan thanks to all the hard work and conversations with Lou. Every time I have any situation where I need Lou's opinion, he is quick to understand what I need and offers solutions. I cannot thank him enough for all he does.

Steven Nelick
Client | Lafayette, CA

Lou is the best. He has been there from the beginning, when I was scrapping a few bucks together every month, to setting up my kids' college education funds, to life insurance, savings plans, long-term care planning, retirement savings, etc. Always reaching out to review my portfolio, adjusting it to meet our changing lifestyle needs/economic status. And now, Lou is working with my kids to set up similar plans as they go from college graduates to the start of their own business careers. Lou has not changed over all these (25) years. Always professional, knowledgeable, conscientious, and friendly/courteous. I hear the same about Lou from everyone I recommended them to…. Lou is the best!

Michael Nissenblatt
Client | Kendall Park, NJ

Lou is a great advisor. He listens to your concerns and needs, he is so down to earth, smart, not pushy and I truly value his advice. You can tell he cares for his clients and their needs. He takes all the time with you that you need. Just a great guy and a great financial advisor!

Susan Nissenblatt
Client | Monmouth Junction, NJ

Lou is a trusted advisor. Life is going to have good times and bad. Part of how the ups and downs are managed must be tied to a sound plan. Lou continually follows up on our plan. Thankful for the trust and care present in this long-term relationship. I can even overlook the fact he is a Rangers fan.

Raymond Prior
Client | San Antonio, TX

This is not an exaggeration…Lou has been one of the most important people in my life over the past 15 years. Trust is one of the most important things to me in any relationship and I 100% trust that when I talk with Lou he gives me advice that is best for me and my family…not his own interest. Because I trust Lou I have been able to focus on my family and career and he has done a great job helping me build my retirement savings and defensive planning!

Brendon Ross
Client | St Charles, IL

It was an easy decision to begin working with Lou, almost 10 years ago, based on very strong & trusted recommendations from friends. His credentials, experience and ethics are outstanding. Over the years, Lou has exceeded our expectations. We genuinely like Lou and respect his advice. He has helped our family grow our wealth, plan for our retirement desires and save for our child's future, too. We highly recommend Lou for all your financial needs.

Marcus Sarnovsky
Client | Shreveport, LA

Understanding your clients' expectations and investment style is crucial to being a successful financial advisor. From the first day we met Lou 15 years ago, our confidence and trust in him and his staff has only increased. Lou analyzes what our situation is at each point in our lives and he focuses on meeting our goals. It has truly been a pleasure working with Lou!

Scott Vaccaro
Client | Bentleyville, OH

Overall, I appreciate the value Lou brings; I do have peace of mind knowing Lou is engaged in our family planning and I trust his guidance. I appreciate his direct communication and advice and he listens well too.

Gavin Watson
Client | Ellicott City, MD

Lou has been consistently reliable over the years. Since I was first referred to him in 1996, my family and I have been able to count on Lou for his guidance and insight. Lou takes a holistic approach to family financial planning that checks all of the boxes. When I retire, I know that because of Lou my financial picture is going to be where I need it to be. That is the goal, right? Thanks for the last 22 years Lou!

Jeffrey Wilder
Client | Hinsdale, IL

I have nothing but praise for Lou. Lou listens to what your main goals are, and makes suggestions & adjustments accordingly. I have never felt that he is "selling" me on something that benefits him more than me. I know I am a tadpole compared to his other big fish clients, but I do not feel that. I have always thought any direction he suggests is in my best interest. Lou is fantastic with follow up! (thank god). I would highly recommend Lou.

Inga Wilson
Client | Naples, FL

I am not even sure where to begin about Lou. However, I will start with this, I am grateful you came into our life almost 15 years ago. I cannot believe it has been almost 15 years. I knew very little about creating wealth and planning for the future. With your guidance and help we were able to set up and start something small. Through these years you have been very consistent with your follow up and offering professional advice. This has been helpful and awesome. I can tell he is very concerned about us and would want us to do well. On a personal level, he has been with us through the ups and downs I have recently experienced with my career. You have recommended people to network with and provided some advice in my search for new opportunities. I cannot thank you enough for all that you continue to do for my family and how far you have brought us. We are grateful and appreciate you and your team every day.

Joseph Afful
Client | Dover, NJ

I have not met an individual more methodical and hardworking than Lou. His high spirits, positivism and full dedication when dealing with my insurance and financial needs are felt through my bloodstream. His individual follow-up makes you want to get more and more out of him. Thanks Lou for all you have done for our family.

Sergio Alvarez
Client | Doral, FL

I can always count on Lou to have the answer to all my insurance and financial needs. He is a dedicated professional who is always watching out for his client's best interest. I have known Lou on a professional level for over 20 years. Lou has worked tirelessly on behalf of his clients and he stands for honesty and integrity which is hard to find in today's world.

Michael Anacreonte
Client | Commack, NY

We continue to appreciate Lou's thoughtful analysis of our financial needs and his consistent follow up and follow through. Both Gretchen and I know that our defensive planning is in good hands with Lou. 

Brian Baker
Client | St. Louis, MO

I never ever doubt Lou's advice and guidance. His interests are always aligned with his client's interests. In our life, we collect a portfolio of trusted advisors and friends and discard all the rest. Lou's name is at the top of a short list. Finally, Lou knows insurance but his acumen on investment products is better than most of the Wall Street guys and I spent 15 years on Wall Street.

Andrew Berardi
Client | West Palm Beach, FL

Lou has been incredibly supportive in our financial planning for over 20 years. Having a child with special needs, our family planning is unique. Lou has guided us through our insurance needs, investment options and retirement planning.

Stephen Connors
Client | Naperville, IL

Lou, your business acumen is simply the greatest.

Walter Bowlby
Client | Hackettstown, NJ

Lou has a been a great resource over the years. His experience and insight have been invaluable throughout many of my financial decisions and in achieving my long-term goals. I really believe he has my families best interest in mind.

John Ferris
Client | Creve Coeur, MO

Lou was referred to me by a friend 20 years ago, and it is the best move I have ever made for my personal financial well-being. He takes the time to know me and ensure I am on the correct path with my current and future financial goals. I have absolute confidence that Lou cares about me and will always provides direct communication, honest guidance, and solid financial advice.

Stephen Gerstner
Client | Rockville, MD

Lou has been a very effective advisor during the 18+ years I have known him. Lou has been instrumental in enabling me to develop clarity regarding my financial position, risks and options, and guiding me in making the right choices for each stage of my life. Lastly, Lou has gone above and beyond for me when I truly needed it.

Kenneth Gohd
Client | Kendall Park, NJ

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate Lou!!! He is someone from the very beginning from talking to him on the phone that I knew this was the guy for me!! He is genuine and truly showed me he cares! He was not the person asking for all your money, rather he asked me what I was comfortable with investing and then gave me solid advice of what to do through his research and business knowledge! I have been with Lou 11-12 years and have appreciated him since joining the team as he is real and tells you like it is guiding you every step of the way!! He understands my business as it can fluctuate and is there to lend a hand if it fluctuates! I would recommend Lou to everyone and anyone I know as I am confident he has our best interest at hand!! Thanks for helping me carve my future….

Scott Martin
Client | Sanford, FL

I have been working with Lou for over 20 years and if it was not for him I probably would just be getting around to life insurance. In all seriousness, Lou has a great balance of getting you to think about your future when you are young and invincible while also balancing the need to live your life. Owning a beach house has always been a dream of my wife and I and I will never forget when I reached out to Lou as we needed to tap into some of our long-term investments, his response was simply, "hey you only live your life once, you should enjoy it." There was no hesitation or guilt. Guess what I am trying to say is Lou will prepare, educate and encourage you to save for the future without the heavy sell.

William Morningstar
Client | Rye, NY

Have been with Lou for nearly a decade! In the beginning, he helped my wife and I "clean up" our affairs and get all the basic blocking and tackling in place. Once that was all set up Lou has helped us visualize, track, and plan for our future - and the future of our children. He is always available for advice and is extremely responsive and professional. We rest easy knowing he truly has our best interest in mind.

Gregory Olear
Client | Delran, NJ

Lou is extremely responsive, thorough and, most of all, has a complete grasp of my individual situation. It is this personal understanding of my short and long-term goals that is so unique and valuable. In a world where there are few givens and many uncertainties, the one thing I know I can count on is for Lou to do the right thing for me and my family.

William Abbott
Client | Cold Spring Harbor, NY

I have been a client for over 17 years. The professionalism and accessibility of Lou is exemplary. The financial products that they choose to represent are from the very best firms. For example, the financial and insurance products from Northwestern Mutual, a firm whose entire culture is based on excellence. The same excellence that is evident in Lou. Although I am considered to have started estate planning at an early age, I should have started sooner. I would strongly urge any young person in their twenties and thirties to take the time to listen to Lou about the various options that may be suitable for them and their families. It will be time very well spent.

Ed Mc Aree
Client | Norwalk, CT

We have worked with Lou for over 21 years and with his expert advice we have met our financial goals, both short and long term. Lou has guided us on insurance needs, college plans, various business products and investing. He is always available and realistic in his approach to planning, and we have been extremely pleased with the results of our overall 'offensive/defensive' strategy. Plus, he is a super nice guy and fellow Jasper!

Laurence Barile
Client | Pleasantville, NY

When I was first introduced to Lou I was in my late 20's (I would prefer not to say how long ago that was!). At that time, I was single, just starting to make a tiny bit of money, and certainly had no real vision of my future financial needs, wants and requirements. Insurance…why would I need that? But from the first meeting I had with Lou, I just trusted him. It was not much at the time, but Lou convinced me of the value of starting some future planning and investing. In hindsight, I wish I listened to him even more than I did. Over the years, I have gotten married, had kids, moved to the burbs, bought a house, etc.…just like most of us. And over the years, Lou has been beside me helping me and my family steward some critical components of our finances. Insurances, college funds, IRAs, retirement planning…you name it. My wife affectionally calls our annual in-person 'sit-down' with Lou, "our yearly financial therapy session". And throughout the year, Lou is always accessible to talk through any question or concern I have. It is without reservation that I can recommend and vouch for the incredible advice, actions, results and most importantly service that Lou has provided us. I literally sleep better at night knowing I have had, and continue to have, the financial guidance Lou provides.

Jes Santoro
Client | Darien, CT

I’ve worked with Lou for well over a decade and he has been a trusted adviser across all facets of my planning. What he’s so good at is he addresses aspects of your planning that frankly you don’t always want to deal with, but absolutely need to, in a practical, sensible way, which makes the process so much easier. I appreciate this because he’s looking out for our best interests. I respect his advice and counsel and have been rewarded by Lou’s stellar results. I’m very fortunate to have Lou working hard on our behalf.

Ron Geraci
Client | Woodbury, NY

We met with Lou for the first time when we were about 26 years old and we had a combined income of just about $75K. Lou spent so much time with us, gave us great advice, an felt as available to us as if we were worth millions. I asked him at the time how he made money, because I was concerned that I was missing something because I knew that spending time with us would yield no immediate revenue opportunity. He explained to us that we were the future, and if we made the right decisions now, eventually we would have money to invest, whether with him or someone else. He wasn’t concerned about the immediate opportunity but really seemed to enjoy spending the time giving us some guidance. My favorite line of the day was when he said that our situation is less complex in many ways because we are ‘combing nothing with nothing!’ So, we could save together and build wealth together and hadn’t come into our marriage with separate assets. Anyway, over the years, we have built some wealth and Lou has applied his patient, strategic approach and guided us to do some smart things we wouldn’t have otherwise considered. He’s always available, and is a true pleasure to deal with.

Val & Jeff Bischak
Client | Montclair, NJ

When I see the title ‘Wealth Management Advisor’ or ‘Financial Advisor’ I immediately become defensive, as it seems like everyone has a ‘guy’ that wants to give you financial advice and persuade you in investing your hard-earned money with them because they have the secret formula to success.

I don’t want the secret formula to success. I want the right formula to success and a person I can contact 24 hours a day and who has my family’s best interest in mind and not theirs. Lou Cannataro is that guy and more for me. His customer service and follow up is the best I have experienced in all my years in business. Lou has my family’s best interest at heart.

I remember walking into Lou’s office 15 years ago based on a friend’s advice. I was a young media executive back then, thinking to myself, ‘Why do I need to speak with a Wealth Management Advisor? I don’t make a lot of money, I’m single, and most of all my employer provides me with everything I need, right?’

Lou opens the conversation by introducing himself and then jumps into, ‘You are probably thinking to yourself, why the hell am I here? You’re a guy talking about insurance, estate planning, investments and retirement planning, etc.’ I started laughing and thinking to myself, ‘Is this guy reading my mind or am I about to be pitched the NM training manual?’

Lou ran through the basics with me on terms which I could understand and relate to at a young age, and it all began to make sense. He finished by saying, ‘Even if you choose not to work with me now, I want to make sure you know I’m here when you do need me.’ I will never forget that. Sure enough, I reached out to Lou when I found out my wife was pregnant and my life was about to change.

Lou and I have been working together for over 15 years and he has made a difference in my life by providing me and my family with the sense of security that is second to none. I trust Lou. The best compliment I can give Lou is simple, but meaningful – Thank You!

Alan Laymon
Client | Delray Beach, FL

Lou has been a pleasure to work with over the past 13 years. He’s provided very sound financial advice, along with a great sense of humor and tremendous empathy. He has consistently provided assistance and focus to ensure I am focusing on both my offensive and defensive financial game plans to ensure me and my family are taken care of. I think the greatest compliment I can give Lou is all the referrals I’ve given over the years. If that doesn’t display the confidence I have in Lou and his team, I’m not sure what does. Thank you, Lou!

Chris Reger
Client | Hurricane, WV

I can wholeheartedly say that Lou has upheld the three pillars of commitment, integrity, and results that they pride themselves on. I honestly don’t worry as much as I maybe should because from the beginning I knew I was in good hands. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. You have always been patient and thorough in your recommendations and never pushy. I would recommend Lou to anyone looking for a financial advisor which I believe says it all!

Dory Foster
Client | Burbank, CA

Seven years ago, Lou took his time to truly understand my financial and life goals. He designed a plan that would help me and my family achieve our long-term goals. He has been working with us to review and adjust our plan every year to help us stay on track. With Lou’s help, I know my family is protected, and we have the right strategy to grow and manage our assets. Thank you, Lou!

Alice Zhong
Client | Arlington Heights, IL

Being a sports fan, I can appreciate Lou’s offense/defense strategy. He communicates the game plan and reviews with me annually to ensure we are on mark to execute. Lou’s unique approach to discussing financial planning makes me feel like I am having a beer with a friend. We discuss updates and the families. Most importantly, Lou is proactive in placing focus on the long-term when the market is volatile. I have enjoyed our two decades of growth and prosperity.

Ron D’Errico
Client | Paramus, NJ

I met Lou almost 23 years ago through a friend’s reference when I was newly married with no children, first time homeowner with a mortgage, and not a lot of investment or financial planning experience. My parents were immigrants who worked hard and valued saving and sacrifice, but didn’t have certain financial expertise required in the 21st century to pass along to me. 23 years later, I am still married, have three children, own two homes with no loan obligations, have built a substantial retirement nest egg, have children through college without student loans, and provided a degree of security for my children and spouse in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Lou always pushed me towards the decisions I should have been making and provided options to help me realize any goals I had. I cannot say I would be where my family is today with Lou’s guidance. I truly look forward to meeting with Lou in person a couple of times each year and shooting the breeze with another NYC-raised boy while we try and do the right thing for my family. In addition, Lou is unbelievably professional, efficient, and respectful, which are scarce commodities in today’s digital world. I can only say, ‘Thanks for everything’ to Lou.

Paul Capucciati
Client | Massapequa, NY

Over the last five years Lou has helped my family grow with the best financial advice. When my wife and I met Lou, we knew right away he was the best choice to manage our assets. Lou always takes the time to listen to our concerns and are always willing to make themselves available. Lou always takes the time to explain why we’re making any financial moves or changes. Thank you for all you do and providing us with the best financial advice.

Mike Addeo
Client | New City, NY

Lou’s ability to guide us through both good and challenging times has exceeded all of our expectations. His candor, professionalism, and expertise are the reasons why we have viewed him as a trusted advisor now for almost 15 years. We are thankful to have Lou on our team when it comes to planning for the future.

Austin Bonn
Client | Franklin, TN

We are thankful for the day we placed our finances in Lou’s capable hands. He has always demonstrated that he has his ‘eye on the ball’ even when we don’t. We know he truly cares about us and our family. Lou is professional and courteous and prompt with a response. We would not hesitate to recommend Lou’s services to family, friends and colleagues.

Liz & Carl Gaglio
Client | Maspeth, NY

Lou has been a steadying force while navigating through challenges times over the years. His unwavering commitment to focus on long-term goals while filtering out the noise of short-term market fluctuations has really helped me to stay on track to reach our goals. I truly feel like he has prepared our family for most things that life can throw at us.

Matt Yox
Client | Sleepy Hollow, NY

Lou is the text book definition of persistency. Shortly after becoming a client (wow, it has been 12 years now), I quickly realized what a tremendous asset Lou became by not only providing sound offensive and defensive planning but also providing thoughts on life. Most recently, Lou gave me some exceptional advice on negotiating college merit scholarships. I would have never considered this without a nudge from Lou. This is the true value of a trusted business partner. It’s not just all about financial planning but sound advice based upon life experiences.

Brian Sohalski
Client | Stony Point, NY

Having worked with Lou for many, many years I can say that from day one, I always felt like I was in good hands. I met Lou just prior to being married and while I knew the things we were discussing were important, I didn’t get involved right away. But almost a year to the day later when my wife and I realized we were expecting our first child, I came running to Lou asking for a meeting because I really needed his advice and direction on this life changing event.

Lou was very detailed in explaining exactly what we wanted to plan for, how to get there and how the whole puzzle came together. As we added more children to our family, our plan evolved and grew to meet our needs. Now with five children on board and many details swirling at all times, Lou helps us rest easy that they are committed to us and we would have the planning we need.

With all our children, obviously college is a huge mountain to climb. We have a plan for each of our children that has us contributing. The plans continue to grow and deliver positive results for us and is probably the most important thing to my family right now.

Lastly, I really look forward to my annual meeting with Lou to be sure things are in order. He has fantastic tools to demonstrate where things are today for insurance and 529 purposes and how things like inflation and changes in tax structure will affect my family. Lou is very responsive to my phone calls and emails and after more than seventeen years of partnership I am happy to say I am so glad I was introduced to Lou early on in my career and I know that he is there for me and my family all the way through the process.

Paul Brennan
Client | Katonah, NY

Lou is unbelievably prompt and attentive to all our needs while always striving to understand our financial situation. Lou is very personable and down to earth as he has helped me with my defensive and offensive planning. Lou is very likeable, informed and fully capable to positively support my financial needs.

Michael Graf
Client | New York, NY

Lou has helped me plan and manage my money for the last 15+ years. Over that time much has changed in my life including many long and short-term goals. He has helped me achieve many of them through proper financial planning including marriage, buying my first house, having two kids, and buying a bigger house. As my life has changed so have my financial needs and Lou has helped ensure that my plan meets those needs – both short and long term.

Joe Flicker
Client | Lakeville, MN

Lou spent a good deal of time with me setting up life and disability insurance after the birth of my first child. He did this even though I was clearly one of his smaller accounts. I knew he had bigger fish to fry and I appreciated his time. Over the years I started to invest based on Lou’s recommendations and I am happy with the guidance that he has provided. Lou is a trusted advisor and I have confidence in the advice that he gives me.

Jeffrey Hess
Client | Brooklyn, NY

Lou Cannataro have provided me with peace of mind by making sure my family has planned properly. Lou listened carefully to understand our individual family dynamic from our introductory meeting and despite the limited products we committed to at the start, he treated us as if we were equally as important as any of his top long-term clients. Lou is dedicated to making sure his clients understand the advantages and limitations of all products, strategies and philosophies and is patient to make sure we feel comfortable. He is trustworthy, reliable and provides a high level of service. But most of all, he is a great person and an absolute pleasure to work with. It makes it incredibly easy to recommend his services and we look forward to doing far greater business with him in the future.

Keri Donofrio
Client | Ramsey, NJ

We have been working with Lou for more than two decades. He is a rare individual who can speak frankly to you about serious matters and yet you feel very comfortable. Not only does he have first class knowledge of the insurance marketplace but also provides expert guidance on investment matters. If I go pre-maturely there is no one I would rather entrust the financial future of my wife and children to more than Lou. He has also gone above and beyond in making introductions that have had a great impact on my company.

Kevin Brown
Client | Tarrytown, NY

Lou has been a great asset to my financial planning over the last 14 years. He provides insight, timely updates, and is full of great experience and knowledge. I fully trust him and his wisdom with a big part of my retirement. I value his input and consistent advice. He truly does care, an example being when he was aware of some business changes with me personally and he reached out to me immediately to see if we needed to adjust our plan and move money to cash to meet immediate needs. Most financial advisors are not that involved and aware of situations outside their immediate wheel house. I have reached out to him with other life decisions and financial opportunities to get his opinion. Wisdom comes from seeking the counsel of others and he is a great one to reach out to. I have the utmost trust in his integrity and ethics.

Ed Keefe
Client | Ballston Spa, NY

Lou has been a trusted advisor of mine for many years. Lou earned my trust early on because I never felt like I was being sold, which I am very sensitive to. Case in point, when Lou and I started working together, I had a lot of student loans at a high rate that I was unable to lower. Because Lou is always focused on the long term, he refused to invest my money or ‘accept risk’ until I paid those loans off. Heeding his advice, once the debt was paid, we built a complete offensive and defensive strategy that is working well and I rarely make financial decisions without running it by Lou. Lou earned my trust by being patient and demonstrating that he was looking out for me v. his well-being.

Larry Samuels
Client | New York, NY

I have been with Lou for over 8 years now and I must say in that time I have been very impressed with him and his practice. Day 1 we devised a plan for my future and despite the volatility of the market he has kept me focused on that plan. Lou is extremely intelligent, friendly, personable, and has a knack for simplifying what is otherwise a very complicated business. I have connected several friends and colleagues with Lou over the years. He is a rare breed of businessman who really does have his customers’ needs at heart.

Matt Di Toro
Client | Port Washington, NY

I was referred to CPAF by a colleague 17 years ago and it was the best advice I ever took. I never thought I needed a financial planner because I ‘didn’t make enough money.’ However, when my first child was born in 2000, my relationship with CPAF began with my family’s first life insurance policy. With life insurance clearly explained by Lou in our initial meeting and as the foundation of my relationship with Lou, he has built a financial picture for my family that not only makes perfect sense, but is easy to understand and always matches my financial goals. Lou has an incredibly attentive staff and they have always been available to me and my family in crisis and windfall, without any judgment. Lou is a practical, family man and my most trusted financial advisor. Lou Cannataro, my financial therapist, couldn’t have done it without you, sir! Thanks for taking the ride with me. You’ve always been there and I know you always will.

Jason Hermes
Client | Darien, CT

Lou is far more than a financial advisor. He truly cares about his clients and has been extremely patient and supportive as I worked to map out my financial future. He has been constantly available for questions as I worked through various challenges and changes in my personal and professional life. I trust him wholeheartedly and appreciate his expertise, guidance, and friendship.

Kristina Stuber
Client | Rockville, MD

Lou has been advising us from the early days when my wife and I started our family. His understanding of our personal situation has enabled him to help us then and has guided us in revising our insurance requirements as our family has grown and circumstances evolved. His counsel over the years has proven that he understands how important it is to look out for his clients' interests.

John O’Connor​
Client | Fayetteville, NY

My wife and I have been relying on Lou's expertise since the kids were just a few years old. They're now 36 and 38 so it's been a very long time! We have continued to Lou and his guidance all these years because he's consistently been extremely knowledgeable and reliable and we've never gotten bad advice nor any pressure to make any financial moves. Just lots of information so we can make an informed decision. A real pro you can trust.

John Damiano
Client | Jupiter, FL

Lou's experience and knowledge of long term planning has been essential in meeting our personal financial needs. We have been working together for more than 15 years and his combination and balance of micro 'life stage' financial advice as well as a macro, holistic perspective is one of his greatest strengths.

Mark Olsen​
Client | Darien, CT

The best thing about Lou is the personalized service. He takes the time to really get to know his clients which builds trust and confidence. We really appreciate the regular check-ins and visits to discuss goals and ensure we stay on track to achieve them. We have been more than pleased with the level of service we have received through the years from Lou. Regardless of what our financial portfolio was throughout the 15+ years, Lou always made us feel important. For that, we thank him.

The P's
Client | New Rochelle, NY

My husband and I have worked with Lou for 10 years and rely on his professionalism and expertise to help us make the best financial decisions for our future and our family. He is responsive to our requests, spends time with us to understand our priorities, and acts in our best interest when making recommendations. I trust him and his capable staff and am extremely pleased with the service they have provided us over the last decade.

Laura Sulem
Client | Brooklyn, NY

The testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of all clients and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.